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The Missed Opportunity: Harnessing the Power of Registrants

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Increase Webinar Registrations with Wozku: Harnessing the Power of All Registrants

Webinars are an exceptional tool for lead generation and brand building. However, one of the biggest challenges is generating a substantial audience for your webinar. But what if there was a way to utilize the power of just one registrant to attract more attendees?

The Power of One Registrant

To understand the potential impact, let's delve into the fundamentals. As a marketing enthusiast, it's highly likely that a significant portion of your LinkedIn connections, around 25-30%, are professionals in the same industry. Furthermore, if you are genuinely interested in a specific webinar, chances are that your connections might share the same interest. This presents a unique opportunity to tap into their networks and expand your reach.

The Missed Opportunity

However, despite this potential, it's surprising to note that in 99% of cases, registrants fail to share any updates on LinkedIn regarding their attendance in your seminar or webinar. The reason for this missed opportunity is simple – you did not explicitly request it.

The Solution: Wozku's Unique Approach

This is where Wozku comes in. Wozku empowers you to explicitly ask your registrants to share updates about their webinar attendance on LinkedIn. By integrating Wozku into your marketing campaigns, you can prompt registrants to become advocates for your webinar, amplifying visibility and attracting more registrations through their posts.

Unlocking Potential

Imagine the potential impact when your registrants actively share their excitement and participation in your webinar on LinkedIn. By leveraging their networks and tapping into their connections' interests, you can significantly boost webinar attendance and engagement. Wozku helps you unlock this potential by providing the tools and features needed to encourage registrants to spread the word.

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Step 1:

Compose your LinkedIn Post message in Wozku and generate the link

Step 2:

Setup the webinar registration page and thank you page (page where users are generally redirected for registration confirmation)

Step 3:

Embed the Wozku link in the thank you page with a note like, share an update in LinkedIn to Complete your registration. Whether they share an update in LinkedIn or not, you got your registration – nothing to lose but lot to gain.

Pro Tips:

  1. Instead of redirecting someone to thank you page (after registration) you can redirect them to Wozku page to share a social media update.
  2. You can set up another redirection in the Wozku page – to redirect them to your website once they have shared an update. Complete the Circle.
  3. Include the webinar registration link while composing your message in Wozku. Every social media share will have a CTA to register for your webinar.


  1. Wozku empowers you to explicitly ask registrants to share updates on LinkedIn
  2. Wozku helps you to leverage their network's reach and interest to boost webinar attendance
  3. Wozku helps you to drive engagement, expand reach and maximize impact

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