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Why Top Marketing Managers Love Wozku?

Wozku helps Marketing managers actively seek and track LinkedIn shares for events, campaigns, asset shares etc. to reach a broader network which is otherwise impossible to manage manually. Simply upload your Post content and image to generate Wozku link and share with your target audience. See it in action here:

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Capitalize On Your Captive Audience To Promote Your Brand @ LinkedIn


Brand Messaging

Normally when you send the content to someone via mail, they often tend to add their own words on top of it. With Wozku, you are in control.


Content In Their Network

Wozku makes it easy for you to make LinkedIn Share an integral part of your registration, download or employee advocacy process - not an afterthought or a lost opportunity


LinkedIn Engagements

Every marketer knows it is almost impossible to track and report who has shared your content. Wozku not only shows the "share data" - you also get how many likes or comments those posts have received.

Key Features

The Ninja Tool For LinkedIn Marketing

One Click Publish To LinkedIn

Make it stupidly simple for your target audience to talk about you on LinkedIn - generate your shareable link by adding content and image on Wozku.

Redirect Anywhere

Enhance user experience by seamlessly redirecting them to express gratitude, provide additional resources, or showcase exclusive content after they publish the message on LinkedIn.

Post Scheduler

Allow your users schedule multiple posts in 1 click. Control the timing of each post, providing a seamless user experience. Simplify your campaign management.


Track LinkedIn content performance effortlessly with precise tracking. Get valuable data on shares, likes, and comments. Gain insights to refine your strategy for greater success.

Wozku Score & Community

Uncover your community insights with Wozku Score. Our AI-based algorithm identifies influential individuals based on engagement, connections, and activity.

Hold & Fire

Collect signups over a month and auto-publish posts simultaneously. Maximize reach, amplify your message, and create buzz for your product launch or event.

One Click Publish To LinkedIn

Make it stupidly simple for your target audience to talk about you on LinkedIn

Add your content and image in Wozku to generate your Shareable link. Send this link to anyone for them to share on LinkedIn. There are 3 types of Wozku Links:

  • Campaign Page Link: All posts under a single campaign in your Wozku Page
  • Direct Links: Link to your post that takes you directly to LinkedIn
  • Link Page: Individual pages for your posts on Wozku
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Redirect Anywhere

Let the engagement continue

Enhance user experience by seamlessly redirecting them to a personalized thank you page or asset after they publish the message.

Whether you want to express gratitude, provide additional resources, or showcase exclusive content, the Redirect feature ensures users receive a tailored experience.

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Post Scheduler

Help your users schedule multiple posts in 1 click

Do you have multiple posts for a single campaign that you want your users to publish effortlessly with just one click? But perhaps you don't want all the posts to go out at once? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Introducing the Campaign Scheduler feature.

With Wozku Campaign Scheduler, you can easily schedule multiple posts to be published at specified intervals while ensuring a seamless experience for your users.

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Measure effectiveness of your LinkedIn content

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your content on LinkedIn with our precise tracking feature. Now you can effortlessly track and download data on who has shared your content, along with the number of likes and comments received by each share.

This data provides crucial feedback on the impact and engagement levels of your content, enabling you to refine your strategy for even greater success.

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Wozku Score & Community

Leverage their reach and impact to amplify your presence

Gain crystal-clear visibility into your LinkedIn community like never before. Our innovative AI-based scoring algorithm (Wozku Score) enables you to identify the most influential individuals within your network.

The platform analyzes various factors, such as engagement, connections, and activity to determine the strength of influencers. By leveraging this algorithm, you can pinpoint the individuals who hold significant sway within your LinkedIn community. Thus it allows you to leverage their reach and impact to amplify your own presence.

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Hold & Fire

Thunderclap On LinkedIn - Make It Trending!

Picture this: a major product launch or event with thousands of employees or supporters. Now, envision all of them posting about it on LinkedIn simultaneously. The impact would be astounding. But manually coordinating such an endeavor is impractical - and borderline impossible.

With Wozku, you can collect signups over a month and automatically publish all the posts on your specified date and time. Imagine the buzz and attention generated when your entire network shares updates about your launch or event simultaneously. It's a game-changer.

Wozku eliminates the need for manual coordination and empowers you to create a LinkedIn thunderclap that reverberates across the platform. Maximize your reach, amplify your message, and make your launch or event the talk of the town.

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Common Use Cases

Create - Share - Track

Harness the influence of your captive audience to reach a broader network and generate organic interest in your brand.

Here are some of the most common use cases.

Events or Webinars?

Trying to increase registrations for your webinar or event? When individuals register, Wozku can prompt them to share a post on their LinkedIn profile. This powerful social engagement strategy significantly enhances your visibility and drives more registrations.

Employee Advocacy?

Struggling to encourage employees to share posts on LinkedIn and track their engagement? With Wozku, you can easily streamline the process and maximize your brand's visibility and reach.

Sharing Assets?

Sharing free assets like eBooks, Infographics etc.? Why not leverage the power of LinkedIn shares before allowing users to download them? By integrating Wozku LinkedIn share into the download process, you enhance visibility, increase social proof, and drive organic interest in your free assets.

Pricing Plan

At a fraction of your LinkedIn Advertising budget



Good to start with basic features

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  • Create Wozku Links
  • Create Campaigns
  • Analytics (limited)



Experience the complete solution

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  • Create Wozku Links
  • Create Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Hold & Fire
  • Setup Redirection Link
  • Post Scheduler

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Ask us how one of our customers achieved the following in a recent campaign:

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Use the Ninja link to take users directly to LinkedIn for posting, skipping the Wozku Landing page. Perfect for emails and landing pages. After posting, users are redirected to your specified page. Simplify the process and streamline user experience.

A Campaign is a collection of posts that you would like to track. For example, you are doing a webinar or event and you have multiple posts that you would like to track for the same - you can create a campaign by the event name. Although there are multiple posts under a single campaign, you can individually track performance of each post.

You can subscribe for a specific event or go for a monthly or quarterly subscription. Please talk to us for more details.

Not necessarily. Wozku helps you to activate your captive audience and tap into their network or influence. If LinkedIn Ads are paid promotions, Wozku is a Word Of Mouth Promotion.

Wozku is not a social media management platform like HootSuite. These platforms help you to manage your own profile or page. Wozku helps you to help your target audience to talk about you.

Sure you can try - but you will have no view to who has shared your content or redirect to another page or other Wozku features. BTW, do those share buttons actually work?

LinkedIn Advertising is expensive but a great solution to get new audience. But Capitalizing on your captive audience to promote your brand on LinkedIn can yield impressive results and attract new customers.

Who Is Your Captive Audience?

In short, event/webinar attendees, your employees, people who are interested in downloading your content - are your earned or captive audience. These individuals have already established some associations with your brand. But are they talking about / endorsing your product or services? However, are they talking about or endorsing your products or services? Imagine the impact if they posted about your content, events, or webinars on LinkedIn. So why aren't they doing it already, despite their participation? The answer may be simple: you haven't asked them or perhaps it never crossed your mind to request a LinkedIn update from them.

Ask & You Shall Receive

In many cases, the solution lies in explicitly asking for their support. Those share buttons on your website may not be as effective as they once were. Sending an email to your team and partners, requesting them to share an update on LinkedIn, might just do the trick. However, this approach has limitations and isn't scalable. You can't send multiple emails to all your webinar registrants, asking them to post about your event or webinar on LinkedIn, right?

Why Wozku?

Wozku makes it easy for you to seamlessly integrate Active LinkedIn Share Requests into your campaign workflow. All you need to do is to create the content (image + content) in Wozku and share the link with everyone. Your target audience can simply click on the link and share your content. To add, you get the report in real time of who has published the content and engagements on those posts.

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