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How To Promote Your Event On LinkedIn Using Wozku

Engage Audience for crazy LinkedIn Outreach for Your Event

Generate additional leads with measurable awareness and meaningful audience engagement.

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Use the LinkedIn network of your event registrants and attendees for massive & measurable reach.

Events offer a direct, in-person connection with potential clients and partners. With Wozku you can leverage the social influence of attendees on LinkedIn to amplify your message and reach a wider, engaged audience. Use this organic and authentic advocacy to extend your brand's visibility and credibility, enhancing the overall impact of your B2B marketing efforts.

Pre Event Promotion On LinkedIn:

Increase registrations for your event:

Implement Wozku in your registration process to prompt registrants to become advocates for your event to amplify visibility and attract more registrations. Here is how it works:

  1. Create 2/3 LinkedIn posts from the attendee's perspective
  2. Once they have completed registration, redirect them to the Social Share Page to share one of the content to win something interesting
  3. The Wozku platform will automatically redirect them to the "thank you page" once they have shared the content in LinkedIn

Quick Tip: Don't forget to add the registration page link in the post content to generate more registrations.

Live Event Promotion On LinkedIn:

Implement Wozku Screen Campaign to create meaningful engagement for your event attendees and capitalize on their LinkedIn network to generate more leads for your sales team.

Requirements: 1 screen, internet connection & a couple of gifts

How to setup the campaign:
  1. Create 4/5 LinkedIn posts from the attendee's perspective
  2. Login to Wozku and create a Screen Campaign
  3. Upload all posts to generate Screen Link
  4. Once the event starts open the link in a browser
  5. Invite your attendees to participate in the Social Champ contest to win exciting prizes
How does the gamification work?
  1. For each post, the platform generates a QR code
  2. Attendees simply need to scan the QR code to share the post in their LinkedIn profile
  3. Once shared, the attendees automatically become part of the leader board
  4. LinkedIn posts on the screen change at regular intervals, so the more users share them, the higher their chances of winning

As the attendees share your content, the platform automatically ranks them in the screen based on their Wozku score (An AI generated scoring system depending on their network depth, number of posts shared, likes, comments and engagements on those shared posts etc.).

Quick Tip: To generate leads, don't forget to integrate a lead generation form link in your content – for example, a gated link to download an eBook.

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