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Unleashing the Power Of Social Sharing With Social Proof

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Don't settle for just email IDs; aim higher - unlock the true potential of social media for inbound interests

Sharing downloadable assets such as PDF files, eBooks, Excel sheets, and more has always been a powerful tactic used by pro marketers to attract new users. But what if we told you there's a way to supercharge this process?

Transforming Lead Generation - inbound interests

With Wozku, we've reimagined the traditional workflow to provide you with not just one, but two incredible opportunities to expand your reach and boost your lead generation efforts. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Step 1: Collect Email IDs with a Bang

Just like before, we start by creating a form to collect valuable Email IDs from interested prospects. This step remains essential for building your contact list and nurturing relationships with potential customers.

Step 2: Enter the World of Wozku

Now, here's where the magic happens. Instead of simply redirecting users to the asset download page or sending them an email with the download link, we take a detour to the Wozku Page and ask them to do a social media post to complete the download

Step 3: Amplify Your Reach with Social Shares

Think about it - as a marketing geek, a significant portion of your LinkedIn connections likely shares your professional interests. So, if you're interested in an asset, chances are your connections will be interested too.

When someone shares your update on their LinkedIn profile, it acts as a powerful trust factor for others in their network. Around 25-30% of their connections may also be intrigued by your offering. And as the cycle continues, more and more potential customers become aware of your asset, driving greater interest and engagement.

Step 4: Unleash the Power of Trust

With the initial social share acting as a trust factor, users who come across your asset are more likely to download it. The credibility established through the shared post boosts confidence and piques curiosity, leading to a higher conversion rate and more qualified leads.

The Result? Exponential Growth and Increased Opportunities

By leveraging the Wozku Advantage, you tap into the full potential of social media and turn one user into a catalyst for acquiring more users. The multiplier effect takes hold, as each social share attracts a fresh batch of prospects, fueling your lead generation efforts like never before.

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Pro Tips:

Include the asset download form page link while composing your message in Wozku. Every social media share will have a CTA to download the asset.


  1. Wozku revolutionizes lead generation by leveraging the power of social sharing alongside email collection.
  2. By encouraging users to share, you tap into a vast network of professionals who are likely interested in your offerings.
  3. The initial social share acts as a trust factor, boosting conversions and attracting more qualified leads, resulting in exponential growth for your business.

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