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Amplify Your Brand's Reach with Wozku: Empower Your Employee Network to Share on LinkedIn

Imagine the impact of having 10,000 employees spontaneously talking about your new product launch or brand update on LinkedIn. It's a powerful marketing strategy that would otherwise require significant advertising expenditure to achieve. But what if there was a smarter, more efficient and cost effective way to make it happen?

Manual Efforts Fall Short

Attempting to manually coordinate such a massive endeavor is time-consuming and challenging. Reaching out to each employee, guiding them through the process, and maintaining data and reports can quickly become overwhelming.

Employee Advocacy Platforms - Got One - Don't use

While employee advocacy platforms are useful, they often face limitations. People tend to overlook external communications outside their busy inboxes, reducing the platform's effectiveness.

The Solution

With Wozku, there's a simpler and more streamlined approach. Compose your message in Wozku and share the provided link with your employees. They can effortlessly post the update on their LinkedIn profiles with a single click. As the brand owner, you gain access to a comprehensive dashboard with real-time reports. This allows you to focus your follow-up efforts on those who are yet to share the message.

Beyond Internal Users

Unlike most employee advocacy platforms that cater solely to internal users, Wozku extends its reach to your entire network. Whether it's partners, resellers, or buyers, Wozku enables seamless sharing for all stakeholders.

Maintain Control Over Your Message

With Wozku, your message is published exactly as you composed it. No one can make changes until the message is published, ensuring brand consistency and message integrity.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with Wozku

Don't miss out on the tremendous power of your employees and extended network to amplify your brand's reach. Wozku offers a smarter, more efficient way to coordinate and execute large-scale updates across LinkedIn. Empower your network to become your brand advocates and witness the exponential impact on your marketing efforts.

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Step 1:

Compose your LinkedIn message in Wozku and generate the link

Step 2:

Send a mail / slack to all employees to click on the link & share the update

Step 3:

Track who has published in your dashboard

Pro Tips:

Want to incentivize? Check the Wozku Score to gamify the whole campaign and reward your most valuable social champions.


  1. Wozku empowers your employee network to effortlessly share your brand updates on LinkedIn.
  2. Say goodbye to manual coordination and time-consuming blind follow-ups.
  3. Extend the reach of your message beyond employees to partners, resellers, and buyers etc. with Wozku.

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